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Infant care: How to prevent children in Johns Creek, Georgia, from becoming ill

Posted on 04-24-2014 | Amy Brogan

childcare_johns_creek_gaThere are many recreational activities for kids in Johns Creek, Georgia, where children may be exposed to germs. Though you will never be able to fully safeguard your child from becoming ill, there are many ways to reduce the risks of contracting serious illness by following these simple guidelines.

Reduce your infant's risks of becoming sick

  • Hand hygiene: Infection control experts advise that viral and bacterial outbreaks can be avoided by putting proper hand sanitation measures in place. Wash your hands before picking up or touching your infant, especially before feeding. Handle babies up to 6 months of age with extra care, as their immune systems are not fully developed at this stage. When enjoying some healthy outdoor time playing at Oncee Park or nearby Wills Park, be sure to wash your infant's hands thoroughly after touching any foreign objects or if your child has been crawling on the ground.

  • Avoid potential threats: Try to avoid exposing your child to people or situations that might make your child sick. If someone you know has a cold or flu, keep your child away until that person is well again.

  • Boosting immune systems: One of the best ways to reduce the risks of children becoming ill is to build up their immune systems for better resistance against infection. A healthy diet containing plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables will assist older infants in creating stronger defenses.

  • Exercise and sleep: The human body was designed to function best when there is a balance between activity and rest. Exercise keeps the heart and blood circulation strong, while the body restores and rejuvenates itself during sleep. Having enough of both is vital for the prevention of illness. Because it is easy for infants to become over-stimulated and stressed, it is important that young children have regular nap times.

  • Vaccines: It is very important to have your child vaccinated at the right time and keep vaccines up-to-date. Vaccines prevent life-threatening diseases to which infants are especially vulnerable, including rubella, polio and hepatitis A and B. Be sure to partner with your child's pediatrician to determine what is appropriate for your child.

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Johns Creek / Morton Road, we specialize in infant childcare from the age of 6 weeks. Our modern childcare facilities use the state of the art ZONO sanitech machine to ensure that your child does not become ill due to poor hygiene. This machine allows teachers to sanitize toys throughout the day through the use of the sanitech machine rather than harsh chemicals. Should your child fall ill, our experienced staff is fully trained in First Aid/CPR and infectious disease control to ensure your infant is properly cared for. Contact us if you would like more information on our services.

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